By Michele Hunter


For many Kiwis the idea of a new motorhome has recently become front of mind, as the concept of travel becomes distinctly more domestic.

Hours have been spent during lockdown scouring websites, researching models and deciding which vehicles tick all the boxes for viewing once alert levels allow.

Long-term Covid-19 is certainly not going to quash Kiwis’ thirst for travel or adventure and now, more than ever, keen motorhomers are looking forward to getting back on the road – or heading out for the first time.

While jet-setting to Europe might be off the cards, the chance to discover our own stunning backyard remains, and Kiwis are already gearing up to the make the most of it.



Talking to our existing customers, the freedom their motorhome offers to explore the far north or deep south has opened their eyes to the reason so many tourists flock here each year.

The breath-taking views, laid back lifestyle and new experiences just a day’s drive away have done wonders for their wellbeing.

Better still, now is the perfect chance for Kiwis to explore New Zealand while the tourist spots are quieter – all the time helping keep local businesses ticking over until the borders re-open and the international visitors return.



After a fantastic 2020 Covi Supershow in Auckland, the Road Life team is busy gearing up to deliver Sunliner and Unicampa motorhomes to excited new owners across the country.

We have a range of our best sellers ready for viewing – including larger motorhomes, compact options, 4x4s and our most popular 5th wheeler layout yet.

We have also just released our own Kiwi-designed family-friendly motorhome featuring huge storage areas and bunks at the rear.

When not in use the bunks stack to the ceiling at the push of a button, allowing for garage-style storage. The same drop-down bed system also allows for a huge king size bed over the lounge.



Fortunately, Road Life’s range of motorhomes and 5th wheelers are built in Melbourne, where manufacturing has remained up and running throughout lockdown.

Shortages and delays in supply are not a major issue, meaning Road Life can continue to deliver brand new motorhomes in an average of four to six months – sometimes sooner.

Now more than ever we understand how much quickly life can change and waiting up to a year or beyond to get on the road is far from ideal.

Sunliner and Unicampa are owned by the Hunter family – of which Road Life owners Rhys and Michele Hunter – are a part.

While the motorhomes we sell are built in Australia, Sunliner founders Tony and Sue Hunter, are certainly Kiwis at heart and are thrilled to see business growing in their hometown.



While Covid-19 has changed the world, it has also forced Kiwis to re-focus and take stock.

Some are opting for earlier retirement or investing in assets to enjoy as interest rates fall.

A pause on overseas travel doesn’t have to mean a halt on new experiences, or the chance to make unforgettable memories right here at home.


Call the friendly Road Life team now to discuss the best options for starting your motorhome journey.